More Control over CoreGui

Hi I recently tried to do something which is impossible to do which is really upsetting. It would be amazing to have more control over the CoreGui. I would happily settle for option 3 of turning of the display of the playername - BUT STILL having the leaderboard list.


Here’s what I have

I really want to center the name in the middle of my nice shape

Last measure, is there a way to have the ‘list’ of players but not the name area so I could still get the leaderboard kinda thing but just hide the name being displayed at the top right. I could easily add a text label and get something nice instead.

I don’t see a reason for a little more control, especially considering the last case option or even option 2 I would love to have a nice centre’d text would be so pleasing.


I don’t know why they insist on restricting the coregui from us.
I get branding and a universal look, but the game should come before the brand

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Honestly I push for a free-er CoreGui, however this poses the following issues:

Being able to tell how much R$ a user have if we get readonly or overall read/write controls over it
Telling if an user is over or below 13 under the same circumstances
Viewing over other possibly trivial information about the user, or editing the gui in a malicious way such as to remove the Leave prompt
If the freedom is limited only to api functions (such as the SetCoreGuiEnabled or SetCore) we’ll end up with a want or need for more and more freedom and functions to change this and that, causing api bloat