More feedback on my simulator game!

robloxapp-20200702-1450062.wmv (3.6 MB) Hello again! me and BaconHair_Jacki have done some more changes to the simulator. The name use to be Music Simulator but is now Musically Simulator so it doesn’t get deleted. Anyways, I’ll put up a video gameplay of the game so far put your suggestions down below of what you think of the game and yeah!

Save the video to see what I’ve did to the game since my last topic.

Hello there,

It looks good on the face of it. I think only the UI’s are quite standard and don’t really bring in a Simulator style yet!

Keep more Standard/Cartoon to look at other simulators among others. And make sure pets are more behind you are better shaped and ConClided.


Sys. (Aka. Tim)

There isn’t a lot to say. I personally don’t like simulators but I will judge your game as unbiased as I can.
Pets in a music simulator doesn’t make any sense other than looking to receive money (like paying 100 robux for a pet)
I see no or very little changes asset wise except that you removed the terrain which I personally think you should’ve changed a little and not just remove completely.
The only difference I see with the music simulator welcome sign is that you added ally…
The UI seems fine. Not much else I can say.

Hiya, it looks good, but not brilliant. I recommend adding different shapes, like a wedge.

Keep it up,
Auctiox - Dom :smiley:

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It’s still in development. By the way, if you don’t like simulators then don’t give feedback on simulator games in development.

It’s very clear your game is still in development but this is my own feedback and it doesn’t matter if your game is still in development because my feedback still stands. Also, it doesn’t matter if I like simulator games or not because you asked for feedback anyways.

Sorry I misunderstood thanks for the feedback anyways.