More moderator accountability in interaction with high-value developers

Looking at my place earnings and what I do with Robux I earn, Roblox makes about 400 USD a month off of the work I do.
It may be nothing compared to the giants, but it’s a lot of money, and an absolute fortune compared to the cash flow from the vast majority of Roblox users. Most businesses will take special care to make sure that those providing a lot of income have a good experience. My experience has been nothing like that.

Contrary to common practice, Roblox treats everyone the same when it comes to moderation.
Now, on the surface, this seems correct: The rules should be the same for everyone.
However, there’s a big problem with treating everyone the same: There’s far, far, far too many Roblox users for how many moderators there are. If everyone is treated the same, everyone is treated poorly, and that’s a big problem for developers.

Almost all moderator interaction, be it asset moderation or direct communication, will be from the bulk of users that spend $0-$20 per month, plus groups that use bots to steal clothing items. There simply isn’t enough time in the day for moderators to do the best job they can in all these cases, and there’s no good reason to do the best job they can. They will not give reasons for asset rejections, and they will give support tickets little attention. It’s infeasible for them to do a better job than this.

The tiny remainder of moderator interactions, the fraction of a percent relating to games that earn large sums of money, presumably also only represent a fraction of a percent of the time investment of moderators.
It is possible for moderators to do the best job they can in these cases: They can take the time to write a reason for asset rejection, they can ensure that a support ticket is properly resolved. It is, after all, a tiny sliver of their time that these cases represent.
Should they do the best job they can? Of course! A moderator mishandling these cases can have a significant financial impact for the developer and by extension Roblox.

So in short: Moderators should give developers special treatment. Sure, it’s unfair, but when your resources are stretched thin you have to give bias towards the vital.

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