More or unlimited ZIndices

When creating more complex GUI layouts and 2D games, it’s very limiting to find that there aren’t a lot of ZIndices on GuiObjects. Bumping this up would be good, but an unlimited number would be great. Even though this could cause an issue with overlaying the Roblox interface, there must be a way to make sure that the menu button is always on top.

I think this has been a limiting factor for GUI development for a long time, and really needs to be addressed.

That issue is really easy to bypass. For example:

maxZIndex = getLargestZIndexFromPlayerGUI()
for i=1, maxZIndex do

Since the core is drawn last, it’ll be on top of everything else.

The CoreGui is always drawn on top regardless of the ZIndex of any other elements.

read this

Yeah, forgot about that ._.

GollyGreg, I read some of the article and the end. I agree with the end.

Negative ZIndices? :swag: