Morph GUI not working and not giving an Error? Help!

Hey! So I made a morph GUI, morphs, script, ect but it doesn’t seem to be working. The unusual part is that it isn’t giving me an error with it.



Happens with every gui and morph. If anyone can, please help.

Edit: When you click on it loads up but when you click to get in it, it doesn’t and if you go back you can’t click on them.

This is confusing, what does it suppose to do?

So when you get on a certain team it pops up, you pick the morph you have/want and it is supposed to spawn you in that morph.

Maybe use HumanoidDescription System for this? If I’m wrong, please tell me because this is really confusing.

I get that alot cause my scripts are really confusing due to it being kinda advanced. I just hate how it isn’t give me the error.

So, once you click on the morph, you press “Spawn” and it is supposed to spawn you in.