Morph not working

its supossed to change you into a dog but it doesnt work, this is if you touch it. is it possible to make it if you click it?

Dalek = script.Parent.Parent.Dalek:clone()
Oridalek = script.Parent.Parent.Dalek
Oridalek.Humanoid.Health = 100

function unglitch(dalek)
dalek.Torso.Anchored = true
h ="Hint")
h.Text = "Morphing, please wait"
h.Parent = game.Players:playerFromCharacter(dalek)
h.Text = "Morphing, please wait..."
h.Parent = nil
dalek.Torso.Anchored = false

function onTouched(hit)
if hit.Parent then
if (hit.Parent:findFirstChild("IsaDalek")~= nil) then return end
if (game.Players:playerFromCharacter(hit.Parent)~= nil) then
newDalek = Dalek:clone()
c = newDalek:GetChildren()
for i = 1, #c do
if (c[i].className == "Part") then
c[i].Anchored = false
c[i].CanCollide = true
newDalek.Parent = game.Workspace
newDalek.Name = "55th Dog (".. hit.Parent.Name..")"
game.Players:findFirstChild(hit.Parent.Name).Character = newDalek
Oridalek.Humanoid.Health = 100

connection = script.Parent.Touched:connect(onTouched)

Ok 1st you can ask everything in 1 thread so don’t make more threads please
then you should really fix the code as Till i know Lua is CS [Case-Sensitive] and there are a lot of cap mistakes you should also Set Parent of Object you’re cloning in 1st line and this script even if i don’t say looks “Copied”.

it is copied because i cant script… the guy in the previous thread said to use morphs so i did

Can you provide more info on what exactly is not working

well, its supossed to morph me into a dog when touching a part. it doesnt. i also want it to be a button instead of a touch

Now since you are not a scripter or pretty much not experienced i would suggest reading the docs or searching on YT because Morph is not a easy thing to explain

hmmm, is it hard to script though? just for once?

Its not hard actually i can literally give you script right now but it won’t help you in scripting further if any error hope in there would be more problem but the only problem is with Caps mistakes so you can actually get it fixed easily just read the docs or
maybe search up on yt for this kind of stuff almost everything is there in Youtube