Morph scripts not working

So I have been making a morph UI and I am having an error issue and trying to fix it. I got this stuff of of YouTube. So it could be old and out dated.
Here is the pictures of the error.

Script that is coming from


I Think you might have misspelled “FireServer”
its game.ReplicatedStorage.changechar:FireServer()


“FirstServer” is not a valid function call, you’re looking for FireServer.


That fixed that problem. Now It is coming up with a new one. image

try Destroy instead of Distroy

The errors you’re receiving are fairly straight forward and are just careless mistakes. Please spellcheck your code and read the errors you receive properly, as well as check the Developer Hub, before making a pointless thread.


Tbh that is kinda rude. The fact they said no question is ever to stupid on the new member thread. Also, I also do not script that much. @The_PieDude That did not work. image
The servers did do an update to.

Some one helped me get it to work in studio but not in game. How would I go about fixing that?

No spaces needed before brackets.

Also, he isn’t being rude. He is just looking out for you.
There are no stupid questions, but there are pointless ones/ones that have been answered already. Please only post when you encounter a true problem after error and spell checking everything.

Edit: We can only help if you provide code.



Thanks that solved the problem. I do understand. I rarely ever touch scripts. The video I watched I copied word to word and he was using Firstserver doing more research used to be a thing but was replaced.


If you have a discord, join
ScriptersCF: or ScriptingHelpers:
They’re more beginner friendly. :slight_smile:

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