Morphs for teams

Hello, I make a SCP game and I want that some team spawn with a morph, but I searched everything for it, but I can’t find anything, so when the player joins the team, he will get morphed. I also want to have more than one morph for one team and they will be related to your group rank. I know this may be too complicated, but I cant find anywhere, how to let a team spawn with a morph. I will send a link of a model I am using for team.

I want them for one team and they will be team rank related, so if you are in the group and have a special rank, you will get another morph.

Thanks everyone who is helping me, that means a lot for me!

Ok, first of all, read what the scripting support category is used for. If you want someone to write an entire script for you, go to collaborations and post a recruitment forum and pay someone.

Second of all, this is basically a duplicate post, in which people actually wrote a solution for you.