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Mosila Handbook

With the creation of Mosila, the goal was to increase customers access to and industry appreciation of Peruvian cuisine. Mosila offers a warm place for a new type of Latin flavor ready to be adored by anyone willing to give it a try, from the delectable cuisine to the pleasant and thoughtfully planned decor.

Application Center
Training Center

Alliance Information

Alliance Information

Mosila is always looking to expand our horizons by partnering with other groups. We would love to see what your group has to offer! If you meet the listed requirements feel free to message a member of the Relations Division!

  • Your group must have a minimum of 100 members on ROBLOX.
  • Your group must have a minimum of 75 members on Discord.
  • Your group must have at least two representatives that are willing to join our Discord server.

The application is attached below, we highly suggest you put it in a Google Docs file.

1 - What is the name of your group?
2 - Please provide links to your group’s Discord server and Roblox group
3 - Please list between 2-3 representatives that would be willing to join Mosila’s discord server.
4 - Why are you interested in allying with Mosila?
5 - How will you benefit Mosila, and in turn how can we benefit you?

Rank Information

This is the rank given to those are have passed the application in the application center, but are still need to attend a training before becoming official staff members.

This is the rank given to those who have just completed a training, and need more points to rank up. This rank is only able to wait tables.

Junior Chef
This rank is officially able to using the grills to prepare food for customers.

You have gained enough points from working as a Junior Chef that you have been able to rank up!

Senior Chef
You are officially qualified to become an MR (must be 13+) . When applications open in the Discord you will be able to apply.

Training Sessions

Training Sessions

Training sessions are hosted on a daily basis. Trainings will be announced via Discord and Roblox when they occur.

Please keep in mind you need to be a trainee in order to attend a session. Joining a session does not garuntee the fact that you will be ranked up.

Appeal Information

Appeal Information
To appeal you need to contact an Executive Assistant+ of the Relations Division using the following format. We will know if you are lying.

Date Banned:
Reason for ban:

[Write a few sentences as to why you believe you were wrongly banned]

We hope this resolved any unanswered questions! If you are still looking for information feel free to contact a member of the management team

Mosila Executive Team

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