Most efficient (and non deprecated) way to make the player fall slower?

Hello, I’ve been trying to find out the most efficient and non deprecated way to make the player fall slowly, preferably on the server. I’ve already tried using LinearVelocity but it had some abnormalities such as various visual glitches and not being able to move around while the LinearVelocity is active. For some context, I need to make the player fall slowly when they are in a freefall / parachute state.

If you have any ideas please do let me know as this is getting relatively annoying to work with. (I need a constant speed so I can’t use something like a VectorForce.)

Bodyvelocity i guess??? Just set the value to
0,0,0 and

And max force 0,740,0 just to float slowlyyyy

Deprecated, also previously used it but it caused a weird sinking glitch where the player was halfway in the ground which is why I originally switched to LinearVelocity.

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Ok i will try to help u on pc then