Motor6D breaks Skinned mesh orientation in a weird way

I am trying to Rig this skinned mesh cape to this character but I am encountering an issue that only has appeared TODAY
Yesterday when I rigged this it was completely fine and had the correct orientation, but today when I opened studio for some strange reason it was flipped.

I have rigged it again in the same way, that didn’t work…
flipped it around and then re-rigged it that didn’t work either. Da flip is going on?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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That looks like a spun axis, like it should be at 90 degrees but is actually -90 degrees, or scale has been set to -1 instead of 1. Couple things to try that come to mind:

In Roblox: check to make sure the front of the character is correctly identified. The rig could be working as intended but the base model be backwards.

In the program the skinned mesh was made: look for negative rotation or scale. Both could flip the mesh when rigged.

These little things drive me mad! Good luck!