Motor6D messing up my gun!

I am creating a Glock in my fps game, but there’s this weird bug. Actually I’m not even sure if it’s a bug it’s just weird. Whenever I add Motor6D it always changes the effected parts position and orientation. I’m not sure why! The only reason I’m not using the custom character creator plugin is because the handle is a mesh part. By the way, this isn’t a tool it’s a model. I’ve tried ungrouping it and regrouping it but it doesn’t work! Does anyone have a suggestion or solution?

This is intended. If you do not set C0 and C1 explicitly, parts will snap together by their origins (Part1 will snap to Part0 if I recall correctly). You can still use rigging plugins with MeshParts unless they’re outdated and do not support BasePart instances, which then you can look to other options. For example, Moon Animation Suite includes a welder for the sake of rigging.

Thank you I will check out the Moon Animation.