Motor6D not functioning upon creation!

Hello, I recently had a pit of a panic of my account being comprimised for a few days without me knowing but I managed to get it back.

Anyway, I’m faced with a pressing issue which is with my motor6D I’m creating in a script not reacting how it’s suppose to.

    self.handlejoint ="Motor6D")
	self.handlejoint.Part0 = self.viewModel['Right Arm']
	self.handlejoint.Part1 = self.viewModel:FindFirstChild(weaponName).Handle
	self.handlejoint.Parent = self.viewModel['Right Arm']
	self.handlejoint.Name = "Handle"

This is supposed to simply create a motor6D so I can manipulate it with for my viewmodel animations so I can move the gun and not just the arms. But it’s just moving the arms and not the gun for animations that require this motor6D.

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I figured it out!
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