Motor6D not working with viewport frames

I’ve been trying to make the Motor6Ds for my arms to function inside of a viewport frame, but it doesn’t seem to move/rotate the objects, however the actual Motor6D properties do get changed.

Is there something I’ve missed? Or does it actually not support that yet?

edit: This is automatically set to false when inside of a viewport frame


Physics don’t get calculated inside a ViewportFrame, you’ll have to manually CFrame it.

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Well that’s not an option

You could run the Motor6D somewhere in workspace and copy each part on renderstepped to the ViewportFrame


What I would do in this case was copy the arms of the player (and weapon) to the viewport frame, calculate offset of each part and update it.

Know that this could be heavy depending on the amount of parts.
I’ve made a mini-map before that updates the player’s position (a red dot, uses the player’s head position) and script activity was 5-10% even though I wasn’t doing much except updating the red dot position and updating the camera CFrame.


Where are you getting the info from that he has a weapon?

In the previous post he made he was talking about FPS, character being pushed back by view model, etc.
Since he was talking about FPS I assume there are weapons too?

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It’s the best option IMO. What’s not an option is getting Motor6D to work in a VPF, there is no way to manually step them.