Motor6D Resetting Upon Exiting Game

I’ll keep this topic short.

I’m working on a game in which I’m rigging meshparts to humanoids. At first, it went perfect, everything worked fine. Then, I saved and left and came back a few hours later only to see all of the Motor6Ds disappeared. Only a few of them were left. I’m using a rig I’ve used for years, and I cannot find out why it’s doing this. I tested multiple times to see, and every time, all the joints just disappeared.

The character to the right also has the same issue.

If anyone can tell me why this is happening, that’d be great.

I’m not sure if it’s related, but last year(?) there was a bug that deleted all welds in some models in Studio. I’m pretty sure is was doing this for WeldConstraints as well as Motor6Ds.
Can you copy a previously working version of your rig from another location?

Yes, I can get another version of the rig. This issue might have something to do with my place though. I’ve been learning coding, and loosely following some tutorials, so there might have been something there that I missed.

Ah, have you put any free models, or new plugins in your place?
Each could be a source of malicious code that might cause your issues.

Nope. All plugins I use have been recommended by other trusted dev’s, and I’ve used them for years. I haven’t used any free models either, and even if I did, I would’ve checked the children of the model.

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