Motor6D seems like break when I apply it

I tried to copy motor6d(I emptied both part0 and part1 in server storage) and weld it to character, but motor6d looks like break when character place to workspace.

		print("new char added")
		local attacking ="BoolValue")
		attacking.Name = "attacking"
		attacking.Parent = char
		local sword = storage.sword:Clone()
		local grip = storage.grip:Clone()
		grip.Part0 = char.RightHand
		grip.Part1 = sword
		grip.Parent = char.RightHand
		print(grip.Parent, grip.Parent.Parent, grip.Part0, grip.Part1) --checker
		sword.Parent = char

I saw sword is generated but couldn’t find motor6d in right hand, and this is output of print line
RightHand Eattato_HACKED2 RightHand sword