"Mountain Picnic" - A Roblox Showcase

:wave: Hey guys!

:hammer: I’ve just finished my second ever Roblox showcase, and I’d love to have some feedback. Because this showcase is a bit basic, I won’t be making a game for you to play, instead, please just rate the showcase with this screenshot! :white_check_mark::x:

:blue_heart: Thanks as always!

  • Bloxay/KingBloxay

:eye::lips::eye: Is that free modelled trees I see? But yeah, I quite like it!

Edit: Free modelled rocks I see too, I assume everything there is free modelled?

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Wow that is realistic great Showcase!

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I assume that the models in there are free models?
Anyway add some lighting like sunrays.
Overall still looks good.

This is he’s second showcase I don’t even know how to make realistic trees I only know how to make rocks

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It’s good, apart from the fact the trees are free models. Although, it is a bit… awkward. The way the grass suddenly stops there is a bit weird and un-natural, also maybe add some bushes.

Even though everything is free models, it still looks very relaxing and realistic!

Well, it’s barely a Showcase if everything is free models but yeah…

A showcase is meant to show off your work, not someone else’s. I’d recommend not compiling any showcases until you’re confident in your work. I’d say this is more of a generic build rather than a showcase.

Theres lots of free models, but it’s good!