Mountaindale County | Change Log

Welcome! This is the official Mountaindale County Change Log. Here you will find information from past updates of the map, and the training center. Just scroll down to the desired date and and click the arrow to the update.

Please note that there will no longer be any updates to the current map as development for V2 is currently underway. Everything is going to change, not a single pebble will be left unturned. However, I can assure that you all will like it. This is all due to the fact that, the current map has a really bad layout, and is really hard to work with in it’s current state. This is going to take a long time to complete.

Update #9 - 10/6/2021

*New Radio for all teams

*New lockers for MCSO

*Raised height of MCSO

*Bug fixes

All bugs or complaints should be directed to myself as usual. Hope you enjoy!
This was mainly just an update to iron out a couple bugs, as well as add some critical features needed for the game to function properly.

Update #8 - 6/19/2021
  • Added a new highway

  • Added Brand new CHP Station

  • New username/DisplayName UI above head

  • Revamped placement of almost all buildings, and cleaned up sidewalks a bit

  • Moved MCFD/MCRS Station

  • Added functional traffic signals - Be sure to follow them!

  • Added several new cars
    β†’ Crown Victoria (Civilian)
    β†’ Dodge Durango (Civilian + MCSO)
    β†’ Dodge Charger (Civilian)

  • Added openable doors to a couple civilian cars.

  • Removed 90% of firearms from civilian team, civilians should no longer be more armed than the United States Military.

  • Added attack line to MCFD

  • Added random fire system

  • Working Street Lights added to highway

Patrol map moved to here aswell: Mountaindale County - Roblox

This isn’t everything that changed, everything else are small things such as changing the color of a bush, and are useless to put here.

Any bug reports/comments/concerns should be directed to myself. Enjoy!

Update #7 - 6/4/2021
  • Changed name of the county from Lake County to Mountaindale County to avoid potential copyright issues in the future, and now located in California, instead of Michigan
    β†’ Michigan State Police will now become California Highway Patrol
Update #6 - 3/18/2021
  • Extended LCSO

  • Added admin uniforms to LCSO

Update #5 - 2/28/2021
  • Removed snow from ground

  • Added trees around the map

  • Added two new cars
    β†’ Marked Dodge Charger (LCSO)
    β†’ Civilian Ford Taurus

  • Added fire hydrants around the city

Update #4 - 1/16/2021
  • Fixed command logs in LCSO TC and Patrol Map
Update #3 - 12/12/2020
  • Terrain Added!

  • Added new road next to MSP Station, named to Awesome BLVD

  • Named road in front of MSP Station to Houston Street

  • Minor adjustments to hill size and day length

  • New road looks and size

  • Attempted to fix a bug regarding admin commands not logging

Update #2 - 11/30/2020
  • Updated Breaching Scenarios a little bit in LCSO Training Center

  • Added newer uniforms to LCSO TC

  • Added sunrays to the patrol map
    β†’ If you are unable to see them, it is because your graphics are too low, turn them up to see them

  • Removed the chat window on the patrol map

  • Tweaked sun positioning a little bit

  • Added a different lighting technology to the patrol map

Update #1 - 10/3/2020
  • Fixed admin in LCSO training center.

  • Added breaching scenario to the LCSO training center.

  • Bug fixes

  • Removed a script from LCSO training center causing a prompt to show for every user in the server to buy a random shirt.

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