Mouse Icon Is Not Changing?

Right now I’m working on my little gun FPS system and a problem I’ve been encountering is that my mouse Icon will not change when I equip the gun (I’ve set it to change the mouse icon when the gun is equipped)

This is my local script that is parented to the tool:

	char.RightHand.GunAttach.Part0 = char.RightHand
	char.RightHand.GunAttach.Part1 = pistol.LaserPistol.BodyAttach
	canFire = true
	mouse.Icon = "rbxassetid://8451932322"

And this is the icon that I’m trying to change it too.

Thinking about it now it might be the wrong type of file. I exported it as a quick PNG from photoshop does it need to be something else?

Thanks in advance.

8451932322 is the decal id on the website, not the actual asset id. To get an asset id you can paste the decal id inside a Decal and then copy the numbers part of the url after it changes. Also the asset id for the current image is 8451932301 which seems to work for me:

mouse.Icon = "rbxassetid://8451932301"

Dude you’re awesome.
Thanks for the help.