MouseButton1Down bug (Mobile Client)

I’m working on vehicle mobile support, and I came a to an issue with ‘MouseButton1Down’, my issue with it is that it works with forward / reverse / horn but for left and right doesn’t.

From computer it works normally, so I don’t believe that it’s my vehicle issue.

Controlling with buttons:

Controlling with keyboard:



(Does not work)

I debugged it, it fires the function but it will still not do what the code says unless done from computer client.

I came across some topics through the web, most of them assumed it was a engine bug

Try TouchStarted / TouchEnded events instead.

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Long press event? because I never used these functions and I don’t see “TouchStarted” or “TouchEnded”

  • if it’s that what would it be for the ended event

It is from the user input, not connected to a button.
I like using the input instead because TouchStarted/Ended are much more stable with different devices IMO.

You can use InputBegan/Changed/Ended connected with touch:

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I know I’m a little late but, is there anything else that’s less convenient?