MouseHoverEnter and MouseHoverLeave doesn't work for cloned part

So i try to clone a part with ClickDetector and script in it, but MouseHoverEnter and MouseHoverLeave don’t work in cloned’s script

Here the video (Left one is non-cloned, right one is cloned)
robloxapp-20220308-1039559.wmv (567.9 KB)

I can’t find solution elsewhere, i try the localscript but it didn’t work either

Here the script of script in part

	script.Parent.Box.Visible = true
	script.Parent.Box.Visible = false

Here is a cloning script (it run by click gui button)

	local new = game:GetService("Workspace").Stuff.Part:Clone()
	new.Parent = game:GetService("Workspace").Stuff
	new.Position = new.Position +,0,0)
	new.Script.Disabled = false

Here is how the part look on explorer

I hope anyone help me out with this thank!

new.Script.Disabled = false

You can’t enable a server script from a local script.

i have did manually and still didn’t work

By manually, do you mean while in a running session of the game in studio? Because that’d still be from the client’s perspective, unless you switched to the server’s perspective.

no, it mean i enabled the script and run the game

Clone the part on the server by firing a RemoteEvent/invoking a RemoteFunction beforehand.

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ok im gonna try RemoteEvent thing

It took me a while but it worked, thank you so much!