Move Constraints issues

Hey everyone!

Im having issues with using VectorForce, LineForce and LinearVelocity…
Im used to work with BodyMovers, but now I see those are deprecated, so Im learning these constraints.

But, when I set 2 attachments on the same part and set any of those constraints to attachment0 and attachment1, nothing moves. My question is, its not possible to use both attachments on the same part? or a part that is welded to the same assembly?

If I want to move a part towards taking in count its rotation, if its pointing to sky then the part moves forward to sky, whats the approach I should follow?

LineForce is all Constraints that are meant to be used between two parts. Example being that line force moves a part (by the attachment) to another part’s attachment, Having both attachments on the same part is kinda like trying to move a carpet while you are standing on it, doesn’t really work.
For moving singular parts use either, AlignPosition, AlignOrientation or AngularVelocity in OneAttachment mode.

General page for constraints incase it’s still confusing

VectorForce doesn’t require two parts or two attachments. Instead it only requires 1.

Oh I only checked LineForce and assumed that was the same problem for all of them. ops