Move player along one line only

im making an AFL game (Australian Football League) and im having an issue recreating one of the rules which is a mark (its very hard to explain)

What im struggling with is how would I make a player move along one line only?, it is difficult to do because the x and z axis will be unusable due to how the games played out
(image is what im trying to achieve if what i said is too confusing)

I have a solution about using prismatic constraints but i dont know how reliable that would be and i wanna see if there’ll be more reliable options

If you want the players to walk in a straight line themselves, you can try a hacky way where you just put parts around the straight line so they cannot move outside of the path.

If you want to use script to make the player move, you can use humanoid:MoveTo()

add a prismatic contraint to your dummy then delete it

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