Move To requirements for it to work?

I have been trying to use move to in my game for so long but it has always failed for me. In this case I am currently making a cut-scene and all has been well until I wanted to make it walk forward to a part. For some reason it just doesn’t work, at first it gave some errors but the main one I’m getting is “Unable to cast value on object”. Here’s the code:

humanoid:MoveTo(game.Workspace.cutscene1.DerekWalkTo.Position, Derek.Torso)

Derek is a variable for the model, and humanoid is a variable for the humanoid inside Derek. “DerekWalkTo” is the specific name for a part in a folder named cutscene1 inside workspace. As you can see, I want it to move to that part’s position. For some reason, Derek doesn’t move at all and always gives the same error. Here are solutions I’ve tried:

Unachoring it and rigging it to Derek’s Torso (same error)
Trying to put a part that cover’s the entire model’s body, weld that part to the model, and move the part. (same error)
Moving Derek to a Vector3 Position instead of a part (same error)
Using TweenService or PathFindingService (same error, but sometimes with different words)

So yeah, sorry if the post is long, I just wanted to show that I’m really trying to figure this out as moveto hasn’t worked for me once (I also tried moving enemies). What are the requirements for move to to work on a model?

Try including just the final position in your parameters

this should help a bit