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Keeping it simple and clear. How would I make a Part collide with everything except with the players in the game. This is relating to collision groups.

This is for an blood system as I want the blood particles to collide with everything except for players.

I haven’t seen solutions relating to this topic so far.

How would I achieve this?


Roblox’s PhysicsService is what you’ll be looking for. You can use :SetPartCollisionGroup(part,group) to set a part’s collision through code.

To create a group, Go to studio, and head to the Model tab. Then, click the Collision Groups tab. The rest is pretty self-explanatory.

Best of luck with your blood system!

You can use this doc: Collision Filtering | Roblox Creator Documentation

I made an collision group had all checked off but it would fall down indicating no collision.

How would I fix this?


You need to enable the “Default” collision group for it to have collision. I forgot to mention something:

Make a group for the Players and for the Object they pass through. Then, turn collision off for each group. (DO NOT TURN IT OFF FOR THE DEFAULT GROUP, THE WILL FALL THROUGH THE FLOOR)!