MoveTo() Contraints

I am trying to move a rig using MoveTo(), but it is not working. I know the code is correct, so I think it has something to do with the rig’s anchoring/joints. Does anyone know the contraints for MoveTo() to work?

What are you calling MoveTo() on? The model or the Humanoid instance? Since it needs to be through the Humanoid instance.

I am using the humanoid instance. I think the problem is the parts inside the model that I have anchored, but I don’t know which ones I should unanchor.

All of them otherwise the model won’t be able to move.

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Are you trying to move the entire Humanoid Model to another Position, or are you just trying to move the joints.
Same as @Forummer said, nothing in a rig should be Anchored.

I am trying to move the entire model

Unfortunately there are two different types of MoveTo which work completely diferently. You need o show the script and the model. All you really know is that your script is not working.


Please be more specific.

I think it has to do with having something anchored which isn’t supposed to be.
Check if your rig has the sufficient amount of motor6Ds or welds, and an anchored humanoidrootpart (which also is the primarypart of your rig).

When someone asks a question you need to answer with more information. I asked if you were using a Humanoid model or the joints. You just stated you are “trying to move the entire model”. That doesn’t tell me what kind of model you are using.
Standard Roblox Models are a bunch of Parts that are grouped together to create a model. Models don’t have rigs or joints but they may have Constraints or Motor6Ds, so when you say ‘model’ what the heck are you describing?

Please check the page for more information about what you are working with. Humanoid | Roblox Creator Documentation and Model | Roblox Creator Documentation are different things.

As @BJCarpenter stated you need to let us know exactly what you are trying to do. Post a copy of the script you are working with.

Hopefully this will clear any confusion.

Every part in the model is welded together with an Attachment and a Motor6D.
I am using a loop to loop through every rig in a model, then making all of them walk to one part.

		for i, v in pairs(game.Workspace.WorkMap.Soldiers.GunSoldiers:GetChildren()) do
			if v.Name == "Soldier" then -- This is here because some of the rigs were stuck in the ground, and I thought that would be the problem
				v.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame =, v.HumanoidRootPart.Position.Y + 2, v.HumanoidRootPart.Position.Z)

Currently all parts in the rigs are unanchored.

Can you put some prints? What does this say in Output?

(not your problem; but I think they made a new moveto)
Humanoid:Move (