MoveTo() Function making rigs spawn ontop of things

I’m making a spawning system for a rig, and I’m using MoveTo() to make it go to its spawning position.

This works, however when there is a part overlapping the position I made the rig go to, the rig spawns way above the part.

I tried making the part and the rig different collision groups, so they cant collide with eachother, however the rig still spawns on top.

rig:MoveTo(, 5, 36.5))

Then the actual position of the rig’s PrimaryPart is around (0, 14, 38)

I honestly dont know why this might be the case, unless its something built into MoveTo().

That indeed is the case, MoveTo() pushes the part upwards to the point where there is no obstruction. Engine reference suggests PivotTo() when that is not desired.

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Thanks a lot! I thought I wouldn’t get a reply because I thought I explained this badly, but it worked. Thanks a ton :smile: !

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