MoveTo() going to the wrong position

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I’m trying to make a Building system that uses MoveTo because the objects are models. and I use an indicator so you know where The object is being placed.

But if I try to build something it will just be placed above the indicator.

robloxapp-20220726-2334564.wmv (903.8 KB)

I’ve tried to use “SetPrimaryPartCFrame” and “PivotTo” but those didn’t work either

Edit: oops wrong vid (fixed now)

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How big is the ‘indicator’? Is it smaller than the Model? MoveTo is limited by the SelectionBox that the model is contained in. If any area of the SelectionBox has another item in it then the Model will be placed above.
Also, are you trying to place the model where the ‘indicator’ is? If so then the ‘indicator’ might be the issue.