Moving a barrel upon recoil

Basically, I want the barrel to spring down and then back up after every shot but I have no idea how to make it move smoothly like that, as the video displays here:

And here’s the current model:

Thank you for reading and possibly helping.

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there are 3 ways i can think of.
1: animating (might be the best and most dificult one). you create an animation of the canon firing and play that every time it fires
2: bodymovers. (medium dificulty) using springs you give the object an actualy force pushing it down. and use a spring to put it back in place
3: tweenservice (easyest, ok results) script the part to move all the way back,a nd use tweenservice to put it back in place

Do you have the firing mechanism setup already? If so, it shouldn’t be hard to make something like that by subtracting lookvector direction of the barrel to move it up and down along that axis