Moving model from ServerStorage to workspace

Hello, i was wondering if it is possible to move a model from serverstorage to workspace using Moveto()?
The reason i am doing this is because the said ‘model’ has a proximity prompt that appears only once after a few minutes to workspace; and i don’t wanna put the model outside map due to the chances of it being exploited, so i figured out putting the model in serverstorage is the safest way possible.
Any ideas?
ReplicatedStorage could work too if it’s possible since clients can access it.

Do you mean parenting the model? orr… Do you mean by the position?

Model:MoveTo is used to move a Model’s Position in the 3D space. If you want to move the model to workspace, just set the Model’s parent to workspace.


Model:MoveTo() does not function if the model is parented outside of a WorldRoot.

A model can only be exploited if it does not have any RemoteEvents. Of course, it can always be exploited from the client, but that won’t affect other players in the server.

Yeah, I believe I might’ve misunderstood your whole post when you said that.

By positioning, i want the model to be moved to a certain location in workspace every few minutes.
Parenting the model too.

Nevermind i figured it out using @HugeCoolboy2007 solution.