Moving npcs using tween

Good day,

I am planning to do a lot of tweening of moving parts as npc obstacles but concerned about performance, can this be done client side and all players still see?


just put a rig them and use hummanoid:MoveTo(whereveruwanttogo) on their humanoid

If you tween an npc client side I don’t believe it’ll replicate to other players. You should do this server side. But I’d also recommend :MoveTo().

Why do you wanna tween the npc?


I am creating an Obby and want to move a lot of parts such or moving platforms, elevators and moving blocks on a path with multiple waypoints that will kill players if touched.

Would it be better to use tweens or use MoveTo with Humanoid or a combination of both? which are the best for a performance?


If they are just parts like platforms and blocks I’d use a tween, don’t create a a humanoid for them just to use MoveTo.

I’d also recommend doing it on the client, if its on the server it may be laggy