Moving particles inwards

Is there a way to have particles move in reverse like particles move outwards but is there a way to move them inwards?

Just add the particles on the other side of the item? do you mean like a pipe having particles drip into something? if so just have an invisible part that gives the particle

its an ivisable part and i want the particles to move in wards like towards the part when its emmited

Did a bit of testing, you just want to make the particle be emmitted from the other face (like, if you want it to get “sucked into” the front face, then put it on the back face, the left face goes with the right, E.T.C. Now, you want to use the Z offset to offset it until it is back on the face you wanted, and now its going inwards instead of outwards while still on the same face

you see my particle is like a burst but I want that inverted

oh a burst, you cant invert it like that
Just put many invis particle emmiters in a circular fashion
its annoying but the only solution

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theres no other way???

Not that I know of, search for it in the forums, there are posts about how roblox SHOULD add a way to do it

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