Moving parts without affecting the welds

I have two parts one part is already welded and the other is being welded to the first part. I want the second part to be able to change position and orientation without messing with the first part.

When I change the cf of the second part it also changes the cf of the first part.

I have tried many different methods and even looked up on google but could not seem to understand why this is.

Help would be appreciated!
Thanks :slight_smile:

Why are you welding two parts together twice? You only need one weld to do this.

Sorry for the confusion. I want the first part to be welded to a tool right? and the second part welded to the first part being welded to the tool.

what? So you’re trying to get a part to be a handle for a tool then welding the second part to the handle? I’m still confused

The first part has a weld to something else while the second is being welded to the first. The first part is already being cf:inverse and the second part is being cf:inverse. The first cf:inverse is good but the second parts cf:inverse makes either the first one go somewhere else or the second one go else where.

I think I see what you mean. I’ll try my best to explain and help out.

If you are hoping for a tool with multiple parts to it, like so:

Weld constraints will be the best option. To do this, simply create one inside the tool, make Part0 the tool you want to attach, and Part1 the handle. This should work perfectly, leaving you with this as the end result.


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I was thinking that was also the case but the way they were describing it was really just confusing

I’m a little confused.

Maybe you could try using a WeldConstraint instead of a weld? I don’t think WeldConstraints use C0/C1. Or if you mean you want it to be able to rotate freely without affecting the first part, maybe you’re looking for a HingeConstraint?

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Part the others are being welded to

Coding the welds and other parts in

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