Moving Something from Replicated/Server Storage

Hello, I have a question today. When I move my map from Replicated Storage to Workspace, the scripts inside of the map break. (It’s a dummy animation script.) Is there a way to fix this?

Disable them and then renable them, doing this should have the script run again

This didn’t work. thank you though!

is there any errors? can you post them if there are any?

There are none. Ill try to give a little more context. whenever I clone and move something from replicated storage to the workspace, all scripts break. They just wont work after the move of locations. I tried to disable and enable like the other person has stated and didn’t get any change.

My thoughts on what it could possibly be and how to solve it:

The clone script being client sided and therefore the scripts won’t run.
Make sure you are cloning the map using a server script

The scripts not working in the first place.
Make sure the scripts work in the first place, parent the map to workspace and try the map without cloning it

The animation might be the problem.
Make sure the animation is set so it will play, is it’s priority high enough to play and did you upload the animation (you can’t play animations made by other groups/players). Is the ID correct