MRBOGO_YT - Programmer

About me

I am an advanced programmer. I have been programming for about a year now but have achieved some major accomplishments. I understand the language fairly well. I have created many of hundred line long scripts with no errors on the first go. I simplified the script of a gun from around 20 lines to just around 10. I excel at programming, although it won’t really show in my games. I also post scripting tutorials on YouTube.

I specialize in

Starter Characters

And have experience in

Weight lifting simulators


robloxapp-20210212-1745085.wmv (2.4 MB)
robloxapp-20210212-1745448.wmv (3.3 MB)
robloxapp-20210212-1747532.wmv (2.2 MB)

Speed run games
Theater games

Show cases


Rome Battlegrounds - Roblox (Public)
[SOON] Work at a theater place! - Roblox (Public)
Roblox Rush (Beta) - Roblox (Public)
MRBOGO_YT's Place - Roblox (Showcases some of my stuff)


The Shield can also go over the players head.


I am available on weekends and most weekdays.


Payment depends on how hard the job is.
One time pay or one time and a percentage, Must be paid 50% before I do any work
I prefer to be paid via Game-passes or Group funds and you must include tax when paying.

Minimum pay is 2500 Robux for long-term and 1000 for short-term.


You can contact me through developer forum or via discord.
MR. BOGO#9915

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5$ For hour, day, week, wdym?

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