MrDurpy - Builder Portfolio

About Me

Hello, I’m MrDurpy, and I am offering my services as a builder! I have been building games for a while now, around 1 and a half years on Roblox. I spent some time on unreal engine and now on Roblox.


Please note that I will be updating the showcase as I continue to build more projects.

Photos of my work


I am available mostly every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as I have other commitments, and need a balance of time.


I am happy to negotiate pricing, as long as it is reasonable. As of now, I am only taking payment in
Robux :robux:

Contact :email:

Developer Forum - @MrDurpyy
Discord - MrDurpy#1250

Portfolio looks amazing- though I’d recommend putting some price range, or estimate so that people will be more willing to contact you.

Personally I’d be a bit hesitant, if I didn’t want to spend too much.

Hello there, thanks for the feedback. I would just discuss pricing depending on the project in DMS. It depends on what they need done, so I would rather have a talk to them about it.

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