Multi-skilled Developer Duo(For Hire)

About Us

Hi there, my group is offering its services in multiple fields of skill. Here is a showcase of what we have done.

Beginner Scripting

Note that we can do enough scripting to make our models look good and for UI Tweening, not enough for a whole game.

Advanced Clothing



Intermediate UI

Intermediate Modeling

This is the game:

These are some screenshots:

Intermediate Animations

Beginner 2D Art



We are available throughout the week but mostly on weekends.

Modeling: Open
UI: Open
Clothing: Closed for now.
Animations: Open
2D Art: Open
Scripting: Open


3D Modeling

Small/Undetailed Assets: 250+
Large/Detailed Assets: 1k+


Tank Tops: 500+
T-Shirt: 500+
Jacket: 750+
Other: Negotiable


500 Per Piece
5k For Full UI


Undetailed: 250+
Detailed 750+

2D Art

Half Body/Face Drawing: 300+
No full
Ads: 750+
Thumbnails: 750+
Gamepassess: 300


Small Scripts: 25+

We do not do a percentage nor are we doing long term projects. We don’t take USD. The prices are in Robux.


You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at:
dank Jolly#2608(Modeling and UI and GFXing) or UltraIce#9841(Clothing, Animations, and 2D Art)


  • When commissioning us, you have to give a reasonable price based on our pricing.

  • If We are not satisfied with behaviour we hame the right to decline.

  • If you are rushing a commission we have the right to stop it and decline.

  • If we are not satisfied with pricing we can negotiate

  • No refunds except on certiain circumstances.


Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Added another example, still open.

Added more info for an average price.

Added the Clothing Designing Part.

Made a portfolio place for models and builds.

3D modeling is now closed. UI and Clothing is open.

Updated portfolio place with a lot more stuff.

For those people who coudn’t see the game link for my modeling go here: NOTE THAT THE THUMBNAIL IS OLD

Did another detailed commission that you can view on portfolio.

Your portfolio looks really nice! I do think though that some screenshots of your meshes you’ve made would be nice so people wouldn’t have to spend lots of time running around a roblox map. I hope you can get some more customers!


Added some animations to the work.

Added some more stuff to modeling.

Modeling is open again but not for long.

Looking for small jobs at the moment.

Updated Portfolio game for a timeline.

2 Dimensional Art added as a skill.

Added UI Tweening and UI example.

Added more 2D Art and another example for modeling.

Bump. I’ve taken some time off and now its time for more commissions.

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Hello, I am interested in your services. I am looking for a 3D modeler for my smoothie parlor group. Your discord doesn’t seem to be working so can you add me, Jacobthedragon#8256