Multiple Animations Not Being Replicated to the Server

Basically, if there is more than one animation running at a time, only one of these animations is replicated to the server and to other clients. I was under the impression that player position should be replicated to the server automatically so I’m not sure if this is a bug or how to solve it.

On the left, the server plays the idle animation. On the right, the client plays the sword-holding animation AND the idle animation.

I’ve tried troubleshooting a bit already:

  • The idle animation is at lowest priority, other anims at highest. No effect
  • Server script vs localscript. No effect
  • Using :AdjustWeight() on the AnmationTracks worked one time, and then suddenly stopped working during testing, and I’ve failed to reproduce these results.

Any suggestions or workarounds would be appreciated

Been doing some more research. AnimationPriority is supposed to allow this, with higher priorities overriding animations that control the same body part. Priority has no effect except in the client.

Any help would still be appreciated

My solution in case anyone else has this problem:

When playing custom animations that are the default animations (idle, sit, walk, etc.), in the animation editor, they must be saved and uploaded as “core.”

Applying the priority after it is loaded doesn’t work.