Multiple scripting tasks (R$5k+) (CLOSED)

About The Job

I’m currently in need of several different jobs that may be fulfilled by multiple people: (if you have further questions, please respond to this post / message me)

  1. Daily Reward System
  • Essentially just gives players Money and exp (will show you how to give exp) .
  • Amounts of money and exp gained will be randomized when the player clicks a button.
  • Must include a timer, to show players how long they need to wait until their next reward.
  • GUI will be designed in the future, can be very simple as long as it gets the task done.
  • Whatever else you think a daily reward system needs.
  1. Quest System
  • There isn’t very much criteria for this, if you’re interested in this task we’ll have to discuss beforehand what to do.
  1. Events
  • Sort of like in Natural Disaster Survival, I want random events such as storms, earthquakes, meteors, whatever you can think of to be implemented. Again, this is something we’ll need to discuss beforehand.
  1. Client-sided arrow popup indicating when near certain named blocks.
  • This will be used so players know when they’re near a mineable block, unless you have some other alternative method.


I’ll be paying whatever you think is fair for what you’ll be doing, which we can discuss prior to the commissions.

Contact Us

Message me here on the devforums or send a friend request to my Discord, PARATYPE#5859 and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Is a percentage payment an option?

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Well uh, that depends on what you want to do I suppose.

I can do everything apart from events

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The game is already made, I’m just trying to get some improvements!/game-instances
Though, how much of a percentage are you thinking?

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Would you be happy to release info on the profits in the last day / week? since that would influence my asking

Yep, you can use blade:

would 7% be acceptable?

30 chars

For the specified tasks? Traditionally I believe percentages should only be used when someone is working continuously on a game.

in that case I would do daily reward for 5k, quests depending on complexity 5-10k and client sided arrow 2-5k depending on how you want it

If you can send a friend request to me on discord we can probably discuss more there.

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is it still open, i can do everything except events

I’ve added you on discord(12904#1757) to discuss a couple things, since apparently no one else can do events, I can as well as some other things I’d like to talk about on discord.

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