Municipality of Anchorage Developer Recruitment

Hello. I’m 8HORSES and I’m recruiting developers to work on a game based on Anchorage, Alaska. We’re currently redesigning the game, allowing for modern technology. We want to get the game done as soon as possible. We’re hiring developers of all sorts.

You can see our progress so far here:

You can view our development process Trello board here:

We’re looking for:

  • Scripters
  • UI Designers
  • Graphics Design Artist
  • Builders
  • Modeler


We pay our developers using a reoccurring payout. However, I’m open to negotiation.


Please message me on Developer Forum or contact me on Discord 8HORSES#7744.

I get a lot of DMs, please message me on Developer Forum your Discord username so I can accept it and not someone random.

Thank you.

My discord is €p1xD€V#0973 please contact me

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My discord is “Crusading Cookie#0029” please contact me. (I will not be on devforum due to IRL circumstances and Discord will be my main communication networking for any development or management contacts.)

Most professional developers take a upfront payment. If I were you I’d update your payment section to better fit other developers.


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