Murder Mystery X Sandbox Credits

Murder Mystery X Sandbox Credits:

goro7: Coding
Murder Mystery Prestiges: The game itself
Clawcloud: GFX
justyfeelinGood (Owner): Some re-scripting here & there
endlesslydeceased: Fixing searching catalog for radio, Helped with updates, Daily login reward
Assassin!: Some knives & effects
Murderville: Maps
Caution Fading: Some UIs
D00MED_S0ULL (Developer): Scripting
Frrxty (Head Developer): Scripting, Game functions
DarksFallen: Helped fixed bugs, Invite Rewards, etc.
MARKSTAR5LOL: Built the new lobby from the ground up
Vlurie: Fixed box chances
Murder Mystery 2: Some items, txStudio map originally: nStudio