Music feedback! And about myself

Hey Robloxians! My name is Mirrorlights, And I been composing music privately for my friends game called “Chart race” and other games for a while now, and decided to branch out to help other developers with music for there games too!

i’ve been a composer for almost 2 and a half years from now and my music skills got better and better!

The Programs i’ve used for my songs are
GarageBand, And FL Studio Mobile!

Not even just composing music, your music project will be posted on my youtube channel with you roblox game cover!

My Song Genre Are:

  • Alternative
  • Mariachi
  • Indie
  • Orchestra (maybe)
  • Phonk
  • ETC
    Here’s some songs I made

Contact my email for questioning s if you don’t have social media!



Pretty cool, but I’m sure half this post belongs in the talent hub.

The only issue I can see with this is uploading the music. I’ve heard that garage band has premade samples that might not upload to Roblox. Other than that, the content sounds great for the genre. I recommend you work on the “Abstract” genre of music, since it might be suitable for some more immersive games.

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Hello! that’s why i made my own songs instead of sampling. I’m not a huge fan of sampling stuff. I am trying to use instruments that i could make instead of using the instruments that included MP3. The Abstract Genre i could try to make because i’ve been practicing each every genre for some developer games that needed soundtrack. This is my first time using devform and i don’t know how to post this on talent hub when roblox gave me the topic option. :sweat_smile: If you got any questions email me!

i could do FL Studio Mobile tho!