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About Me

Hello! I am Northerliness, and I’ve been doing music production for quite a while now (around 5 years), and I am offering services for creating tracks, scores, bgms, etc.


Here’s a site where I have many examples of music that I have done whether it be electronic, orchestral, experimental, etc.


I am available most of the time on weekends, but availability can vary during the weekdays.


Prices can depend on the length of the audio, amount of detail, and how many tracks are ordered, and I prefer to use group payment for robux. I currently do not have a means of real-life currency payment.

I am currently not available for long-time collaboration or working in development teams, but I am available for one-time orders and comissions.


I currently use Discord as my main means of communication, so feel free to contact me there!


Where’s the site link? :thinking:

Oh, must have accidentally deleted it! Gonna fix that.

Amazing music dude I have ARKIRE - Descending repeat!

I actually don’t know how to put it on repeat so I just play it every now and then.

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Thank you!

ARKIRE - Sting is also really cool!

I just wish there was a similar longer version of it so it lasts a while like ARKIRE - Descending.

Great job!!! :ok_hand::+1:

Thanks a ton! Sting is kind of an old song, but at some point I might remake it.

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I reckon it’ll turn out real good :wink:

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