Music Town| The Future Of Roleplay| Devlog 1

What is Music Town

Have you ever played a roleplay game and though that it was kind of boring, with Music Town this changes, Music Town is a roleplay like no other combining the power of music, dancing, and challenges to be one.

The Music Town Team

@bjjepic - Creative Director, Lead of Designing, Music Designer

@Clxzed - Builder, Helper

@ScriptedRudy - Builder

@NotLooksAtAll - Helper, Music Designer



More Information

Music Town is a project like no other as said, this game is meant to appeal to all ages so it will have different aspects in the game then the regular Adopt me, or BrookHaven. This is inside of a low-poly style.


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#PlayMusicTown , More Devlogs coming soon, Update Log coming in alpha release.


Nice! Looking forward to this!

It’s an odd idea… It’s a roleplay game and what seems to be a rhythm game? I feel like those audiences don’t really mix well. What’s the demographic? Roleplayers are usually younger people on things like phone who just wanna play a simple game. They don’t care about more interesting gameplay. If its for the older audience that makes up rhythm game players, then why the roleplay aspect? Those people would just care about the rhythm aspect.

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In fact it is, but its not what you think you have a town to roleplay in and stuff and on certain “activities” like fishing, etc. You will be able to use the rythm.

With the fishing example, couldn’t they just play Meep City for a simpler version and just roleplay in that game? Who’s the targeted demographic? Rhythm games are pretty niche compared to other genres.

Many young audiences on roblox these days tend to roleplay, Music Town will provide a series of different and unique events, one happens to be fishing. Sure, you can just go to Meep City, but why play Mad City if you can just go to Jailbreak? Why play Pet simulator 2 when you can play the original one? The concept of the game is unofficial and is still being made, all I know so far is that it’ll be made for fun and is targeted towards a younger audience other than most ROBLOX games.

Roleplay games are mostly intended to, not be ‘boring’, but, essentially centered around creating your own fun, creating your own characters. Roleplay games provide the tools necessary for you to make your own character. There is no ‘future’ to roleplay, you can always improve roleplay games by giving more tools, morphs, bigger maps, and other features, but you can’t essentially remap the idea of roleplay as a whole. A singular game can’t change roleplay, you need a community of people. What’s the point of a roleplay game if nobody roleplays?

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Pet sim 2 is pretty much dead compared to the first one. Mad City is aimed towards the exact same audience as Jailbreak, but has differentiating features, making both have appeal.

You might wanna put more thought into the idea. Most role-players are young kids who play on phone, which is not a demographic that works with rhythm games (that might cause unfair dislikes). Also, older players generally don’t like associating with roleplay games (this is partially because of roleplaying being linked to actual online dating on Roblox for dumb reasons, but that’s not the point). Still, if you guys can make this game work, good on you! But it working is unlikely.

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Please do not judge to hard this idea is new and you do not know everything, please be flexible as we keep going as it will get clearer later on. Just wait…