Musical Tesla Coils : The Start Of The Music Code

Feedback on this setup please? Module for the lightning is called ‘Procedural Lightning’.

I hope you think its nice!

I’m gonna start coding it to play music now, I hope it will work… Its gonna be hard tho since I’m gonna port forward and use python and flask and httpservice

Wish me luck!

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I honestly think everything is good! The only thing I would change is the colour of the lightning, make it a bit less pink and more warm.

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Thank you! Ill try to do that, what do you mean with ‘warm’?

Also if you can see on these musical tesla coils the lightning is pink.

Ahh right, my bad I didn’t know that they were pink, I think that it’s a cool creation you have made, very unique :smile:

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Thank you! I made them a little more white (after watching that video like 100 times i realized they were white in the middle)

Also, do you have discord? We could maybe talk [troll emoji here]

Yes sure, I’m ayden#0002. Add me :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sent! Still thank you for being almost the only one who ever likes one of my builds lol

Mine is Tygo#6282

that looks very cool i’ll give it 9/10 if its not random if its random 10/10