Musicians Of Robloxia

New Game!

Musicians Of Robloxia: Musicians Of Robloxia (MoR), is a game that is based off of The Voice TV show. The game is similar to Roblox’s Got Talent, however our game is strictly just musical talents, hence the name of the game. The purpose of the game is to perform your musical act, whether it be Guitar, Drums, Piano, Flute, Violin, Trumpet, etc.

Release Date:
A release date has not yet been confirmed however, the development of the game is steady and should be released in 2021. I look forward to the release, and I look forward to building a strong musical community here on Roblox.


  • Johnswat1233 - Lead Developer
  • BossDJ68 - Developer - Scripter
  • OurMorality - Developer - Builder

Group Link:!/about

Thankyou for reading this! The Developers and I can’t wait for you to play our game!
Musicians of Robloxia DevTeam