My 24 hour game

I decided to challenge myself to see what game I can make in a day because I’m bored at home. I made an obby type of game, but with intermission and stuff. I didn’t add music or any decorations because I spent all my time making the obby. I think it’s already pretty good as I didn’t spend the full 24 hours. There was only around 11 hours when I really worked on the game. What do you think? Any improvements I can make? The game.
Oh yeah I also didn’t make a thumbnail or an icon because it’s not really a game, it’s just something I made.

I also fixed some bugs and added music! I might hire someone to make custom music in the future though.


Good game, but it it is broken. The lava gamemode instantly kills you when you spawn in obby.

Weird… what do you mean? When you spawn, the lava also immediately spawns?

The spawnpoint is located where is lava.

But players get a 30 second head start, so they can go up earlier and the lava moves 1 stud per second. Is it too fast?

When the game announces new gamemode in text, you spawn in the obby and you are immediately killed by lava, not because it is too fast, the lava is located on the same level as spawnpoint and it means if I spawn I will get killed by lava.

Hmmm I may have type something wrong, because I thought I made it so the lava spawns 30 seconds later. Let me check the scripts.

Can you send a video of what happened? I’m not too sure what you meant. Also I think we should move this to the direct messages.

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Hey! I really loved the concept of your game. I think it’s’ an awesome twist on the typical obbies you normally would see. Though, I couldn’t make it around the first corner !! lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I think you have a great idea, keep it up!

I believe what @SurpriseInventor is referring to is once a lava gamemode begins, you instantly spawn in lava and die. I couldn’t take a video but I took this screenshot:

This didn’t occur on the first lava round - this only occurs after the first round.

Anyway, this was the only bug I could find. I think it’s a really good concept for a game and if you plan on trying to make it take off, I think it has the potential to do so. You’ve certainly achieved more in 24 hours scripting wise than I could :+1:

I’m gonna be completely honest, I like the game. It works properly, the design isn’t the best, but it’s somewhat good. Keep up the good work!

Pretty smooth game, If I were me even though you made this in 24 hours I’d make the waiting lobby more interesting or added some type of music too the game then just hearing the basic roblox jump. Very neat.

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