My 4th UGC Concept

I have just finished my 4th UGC Concept


Name: RTC Top Hat

Price: 100R$

Type: Hat Accessory

Description: This hat is for the community of Twitter! image image

What do you guys think about this concept?

Thank you for reading! :wink:


I think it is good! You should add something more in Description!

I think this concept is pretty bland; It’s just a top hat with text on it. Top hat bands shouldn’t have depth since they are usually ribbons. I would texture the ribbon instead of creating a 3D object.

It still needs some work in making it look more organic. The text looks like it was made in a 3D text generator and it feels a bit too artificial that way.

The top hat doesn’t stand out in any way from other top hats you can find in the catalog. I suggest texturing a Twitter icon somewhere on the hat .