My ad was rejected and I don’t know why

I wanted to release an ad promoting my game Frenzy Sprint but it was rejected. I already had an ad out but I released a new one with a very subtle change.

Here is the old version:

Here is the new one that was rejected:

The only real change I made was the picture on the top, making it unified with my new game icon. Honestly it’s not a big deal if I have to use the old one but I’m more just curious as to why such a subtle change was rejected. I wasn’t given a moderation message; it just said the ad was rejected. Does anyone know why?


The ad change is noticeable, but I have no clue either as to why your new ad was rejected. One thing’s for sure, the top part caused the rejection because that’s the only thing that changed, and your old ad was fine. My suggestion is to change the top part or contact Roblox Support. If you decide to change your ad, and it still gets rejected, Roblox Support is your only way. Hope I helped! :grinning:


It takes a week for roblox support to respond to your email. And the moderator is a bot. Maybe you can try to change it a little bit.


The only thing I can think of that would be causing the ad to be taken down is the colors of the main rig in the top panel.
Allow me to elaborate:
Even though it’s very clearly not naked, the black shirt on the main rig in the top panel somewhat (barely) resembles the skin tone of the rig, so from far away it causes the rig to look naked.
The reason for moderation is very possibly something else, although this is the only reason I could come up with.
To fix this, you can either change the lighting to be brighter, or just give the rig a lighter shirt.

Hope this helped! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m guessing they flagged your ad as spam because it was very similar but that’s about the only logical reason I could think of (btw very sorry for replying to an old post.)

ik why because the bot mods, i got like 2 warning on my main for uploading images that were "inappropriate " the first one was a cartoony monkey for a game thumbnail(i dont have this screenshot since i switched PC like a few months ago) and another wanring for uploading an image of my roblox avatar and this was the image

I won’t point out what, but there are some things on the image that can look a little inappropriate. It depends on how one views it.