My animations just randomly freezes

so i tried adjusting my animation speed and it just started freezing the animations

this is what’s happening:

i tried setting the animation to something slower but it still freeze but if i play it normally it doesn’t
but the thing is i need to be able to manipulate the animation speed

After that, you should include more details if you have any. Try to make your topic as descriptive as possible, so that it’s easier for people to help you!

this is the animation script:

local attack = hum:LoadAnimation(punchAnim[count])
local speed = attack.Length/0.4

any help would be appreciate thx in advance.

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I really have no idea why that is happening, but I do have one alternative method for you to set the animation speed. Use the function “:AdjustSpeed()” on the function instead of passing parameters to “:Play()”.

See if it works and let me know of the outcome.

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thank you so much i dint really know that function exist this helps alot

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